Letter Soup Rights Agency

Letter Soup Rights Agency was started in 2003 by Allison Olson, former Subsidiary Rights Manager at both Creative Publishing International and Llewellyn Worldwide. Since then Letter Soup has licensed over 3,000 titles in over 150 languages worldwide and cultivated relationships with long-time international partners that are based on trust, creativity, and solid sales results. Allison represents publishers and titles she truly believes in and think will sell through in their markets – creating royalties, not just advances, and many international bestsellers.

The list of her clients include:
- Career Press (USA) Business, Motivation, Self-Help, Career - (www.careerpress.com)
- New Page Books (USA) New History&Science, Ancient Mysteries, Mind, Body, Spirit - (www.newpagebooks.com)
- Crimson Publishing (U.K.) Business, Career, Self Help, Parenting, Travel - (www.crimsonpublishing.co.uk)
- Familius (USA) - Parenting, Children's books - (www.familius.com)
- Free Spirit Publishing (USA) Children's Educational - (www.freespirit.com)
- Scarletta Press (USA) Children's Books & Children’s Educational - (www.scarlettapress.com)
- Gryphon House (USA) Resources for Parents and Teachers of Young Children - (www.gryphonhouse.com)
- Tumblehome Learning (USA) Children & Youth Educational - (www.tumblehomelearning.com)
- Dragon Door Publications (USA) Fitness, Kettlebells, Health - (www.dragondoor.com)