Sandra Cabot

Dr Cabot is the Medical and Executive Director of the Australian National Health Advisory Service. She graduated with honours in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Adelaide in South Australia in 1975.
Dr Cabot began her medical career in 1980 as a GP Obstetrician-Gynaecologist and practised in Sydney Australia. During the mid 1980s she spent 6 months working as a volunteer doctor at the Leyman hospital, which was the largest missionary hospital in Northern India.

Dr Cabot has written several ground breaking books:

HORMONES - Don’t Let Them Ruin Your Life
Hormone Replacement – The Real Truth – Balance your hormones naturally and swing from the chandeliers!
The Body Shaping Diet
The Liver Cleansing Diet
The Healthy Liver and Bowel Book
Boost Your Energy
Raw Juices can save your Life
Can’t lose weight? – You could have Syndrome X - Unlock the Secrets that keep you fat
Cholesterol - The Real Truth - Are the drugs you take making you sick?
The Ultimate Detox Diet
Tired of not sleeping? A holistic guide to a good night’s sleep
Alzheimer’s – What you must know to protect your brain
The Dr Sandra Cabot Recipe Collection
Bird Flu – Your Personal Survival Guide
Your Thyroid Problems Solved
Diabetes type 2 – You can reverse it naturally
Help for Depression and Anxiety
Fatty Liver – You can reverse it
How NOT to kill your husband
Hepatitis and AIDS – How to treat it naturally
Endometriosis – Your best chance to cure it

Dr Cabot is a pilot and flies herself to seminars throughout Australia, often visiting remote areas. Dr Cabot and her Beechcraft Baron aircraft do regular work for the Angel Flight Charity, which provides free transport for patients with chronic and severe disabilities in remote Australian areas. Dr Cabot’s aircraft has done over 300 flights since January 2007 for the Angel Flight Charity.
Dr Cabot has conducted health seminars all over the world and is frequently asked to lecture for numerous health organisations such as The American Liver Foundation and the Annual Hepatitis Symposium.
Dr Cabot still has an active medical practice and does research into liver diseases.

Dr Cabot believes that the most important health issues for people today are:

• The control of obesity and the prevention of diabetes;
• Educating our children about self esteem, good diet and healthy lifestyle;
• Making hormone replacement therapy safe and as natural as possible;
• The use of specific nutritional supplements to treat and prevent diseases;
• The prevention of cancer and early detection of cancer;
• Educating doctors and naturopaths so that they can work together using evidence based holistic medicine to achieve the best outcomes for patients;
• The effective treatment of mental and emotional illness;
• A supportive and well educated community where people have the confidence and knowledge to find the best health care.